From the group’s early beginnings in 1900, as a family business, our main driving force was to fulfill market needs with quality products and services. That endeavor has remained a constant policy which ensured continuous successes placing Nahas Enterprises Group in the ranks of large and diversified business enterprises in Syria and in the region. Henceforth, we were pioneers in going global into Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Iraq, and Sudan.

Our corporate government policy is steered by purpose, ethics, and doing business on just basis, which are the pillars of our sustainable business relations. That’s why 2007 marks anniversaries of a significant part of the group’s uninterrupted partnerships, in the sectors of transportation, travel and tourism, trade and services, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, agriculture and food processing, hotels and resorts, construction and contracting, and information technology.


Technological revolution, globalization, and increased competition presented our group with challenges and opportunities alike, entailing in-house changes in:


  1. Introducing middle up — middle down management referral and decision-making, in the frame of  accountability and delegation of authority and responsibility.
  2. Awarding to monitoring and control, manifested in a team reporting directly to the Chairman and consisting of General Financial Manager, Internal Auditor, and External Auditor Messrs. Ernst & Young.


Today, the group consists of 36 companies with a total of 1,450 executives and employees. To manage and cater for this human talent, the Human Resources Development at the Chairman’s office acts as a central channel applying unified criteria for employment at the group.


The Board of Directors already set the group’s goals for the coming period and we will go reaching them on basis of business plans and work programs, which are governed by time frames and performance indicators. We also plan to continue creating leaders, working teams, and preparing the next generation of managers, who would guarantee the track record of institutionalized enterprises crossing into the fourth generation of the group’s history.


Under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, economic reforms, modernization and liberalization brought about new opportunities and triggered high business expectations in Syria. Consequently, we are as ambitious today as before and we have clear ideas for a future, holding prosperity, and more achievements.

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