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Founded in 1993, Modern Motors Company (MMC) started its operations with a strong commitment to distinction as sole agent for Hyundai commercial vehicles, i.e. trucks and buses.

MMC's remarkable achievement was evident, as these reliable,reasonably priced commercial vehicles
became very popular in the local market with their impressive features coupled with MMC's top level marketing, promotion, and after-sales service.

MMC employs more than 75 fully-dedicated staff members with considerable experience in the automotive industry.
The team is composed of qualified engineers and skilled technicians, who are regularly trained either at the regional Hyundai Training center in Dubai or at the Hyundai plant in Korea. In addition, MMC has a Training Department responsible for organizing in-house training courses.

Apart from its main service center with several specialized workshops and warehouses, MMC has a widespread network of service centers nationwide which have access to administrative and technical support,
along with training back-up from the head office in Damascus. Moreover, MMC has 3 distribution centers as well as 20 spare parts outlets and 15 dealers all over the country.
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