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Knusper is more than just a place to spend time.

It is a concept centered around three main ideas:

· The value of shared moments: Shared moments create the most cherished memories, and so we strive to offer you only the best for all your shared moments, whether at Knusper or elsewhere. If you’re looking for something special for any occasion, our selection of Knusper ® moments to share gift items offered throughout the shop will surely meet your needs.

· Great passion for good, nutritious, carefully-prepared food & beverages.

· Raising awareness of important issues in life: By sharing valuable information with you, we hope to raise awareness of and create interest in topics that add value to our existence and improve the quality of life for us all


ü Amongst the abundance of gastronomic delights that one finds in Damascus, Knusper as a unique gastronomic venue located at the heart of the fashionable Abou Roumaneh offers its customers a wonderfully different experience. With its modern décor and exciting menu, Knusper sets new standards for the area and, indeed, the whole city. Whether one is after a perfect breakfast, a business lunch, coffee, a light dinner, or just some inspiration while working in its wi-fi enabled space, Knusper is the ideal destination.

ü Knusper’s distinctive character is defined by the variety and quality of beverages featured in its menu.

ü The Knusper experience is not limited to beverages only; the menu also offers various salads and desserts and selected warm dishes. In addition, Knusper employs an on-site baker responsible for the fresh production of many German and other European breads and bread rolls as well as savory and sweet pretzels




  • A wide range of German and Eurpoean breads and bread rolls
  • A selected range of German and Europen home-made cakes and pastries
  • Home-made German pretzels
  • Selected, freshly made sandwiches
  • Selected, freshly made salads
  • Selected, finely prepared main dishes
  • Selected hot & cold beverages (coffee, coffee drinks, teas, frappes, smoothies,Italian sodas, etc.)
  • Gift items ie; branded mugs, chocolates
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