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Al-Sayedah Zeinab Company is a shareholding venture founded in 1988. The partners include distinguished Syrian, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Saudi Arabian and Iranian businessmen and companies in addition to the Management Committee of "Al-Sayedah Zeinab Shrine".

The objective of the company is to establish a fully integrated tourist complex, comprising a deluxe hotel, elegant apartments, a wide variety of facilities and a large shopping mall.

The complex is located opposite to Al-Sayedah Zeinab Shrine, Prophet Mohammad's granddaughter. The Shrine is not only a holy site for all Muslims but is also a valuable and significant historical place, which tourists from all over the world visit round the year.

The ambitious plan of Al-Sayedah Zeinab Company is composed of three phases:

Phase 1

This phase has been completed with the erection of a 4-star deluxe hotel and a shopping arcade, which is currently operated by the prominent hotel management company, "Safir International". The facility consists of 160 luxurious rooms, five suites and one presidential suite. A variety of restaurants, conference halls and an indoor-outdoor shopping area are among the numerous distinctive facilities of the house.

Phase 2

The aim of phase two is to increase the accommodation capacity and to add more facilities. The total construction will be approximately 21,000m2 at an estimated cost of US$ 18 million. Plans have been drawn up to:

1- Construct 72 apartments of various areas, as well as 60 new suites and

2- To set up a shopping area of 140shops, in addition to a supermarket and health centre.

Phase 3

The construction of a 200-room, 3-star hotel along with the necessary facilities.

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